Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Time to Vote!

Greetings Cricut Sistas! You have until midnight tonight (est) to vote for your favorite Challenge creation. Each nominee's name is beside their completed project.

Please note that Ms_Dee's projects are not to be considered when voting for the Challenge winner. Because she provides us with such great inspiration, her creations are displayed along with the nominees. Ms_Dee has also provided the donation of the RAK. We appreciate all that Ms_Dee does for The Sistas.

To cast your vote, please send an email with the subject of "Voting" to and include the name of your nominee. If you have voted previously and would like to change your vote, please make the subject of your email "Voting Change" and write the name of your new nominee.

Thank you for your support of "The Sistas" Challenge Blog. We look forward to seeing your creations for the April 3rd Challenges.

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