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"Heat" Embossing Technique -June 8-14 Sista Challenge

Okay Ladies..."The Majority Ruled".....We are now doing "One" challenge a week. The weekly challenges will continue to be posted on the Sistas Blog and all submissions should be sent to the g-mail account. The Sistas Challenges and Projects Blog now has a "Design Team". "Yay"...........The team was set up to show different takes on the challenges that are posted weekly. Presently, there are 3 Design Team members on a 5 member Design Team( as we are sure it will grow pretty fast).....a couple of slots are open for anyone that is interested in submitting a project that they feel shows their creativity,technique and style . So Yes.....we are looking for "A Few Good Ladies"........(I know, I stole that title......hehe.....). So, if interested shoot us an email to the gmail account on the Sistas Blog. The team members are committed to creating a project each week following the guidelines and doing the projects in a timely fashion...The techniques and creativity will help others learn different techniques, allow a person to grow in their creative style and challenge themselves to using all of those supplies and products we have this great desire to go out and purchase. Okay, Ladies........ have fun and Thank you to the ladies that are a part of the Design Team.

And for this week challenge: I am sure you all have a heat gun stashed away some where.......Well, now we get to pull it out, blow the dust off and put it to good use. This challenge was submitted by Lisa,Lisa& ScrapJam. I was happy to do the challenge because there was quite a bit of dust buildup on my heating tool.....(hehe...) but I am now going to put it to good use. And.... as I pulled out my supplies I needed for this project...I realized that my embossing powders and versamark pads were just sitting pretty on my shelves.......So ladies, join us on this challenge. If you have never done "heat embossing" before is your opportunity to learn a new technique that will allow you to learn simple embossing or just another way to use those stamps that you have sitting around and never found that "perfect" use for. This is a very easy project with excellent results.....I see a lot of heat embossing in my future. (hehe...)

Detailed insrtructions for the "Heat Embossing" submitted by Lisa,Lisa&ScrapJam - are included at the end of the creations submitted by the Design Team. Thank you Ladies...and remember ...... "have fun".

created by Myrab-Embossed Sentiment

Created by LisaLisa&ScrapJamEmbossed Stamp

Created by Ms_Dee-Embossed Stamp and Sentiment

closer view of embossing

Created by Scrapstation

Map Sketch

Materials You will Need: Versamark Stamp Pad, Embossing Powder, Embossing Buddy, Funnel Tray, Heat Gun, Cardstock, and a Stamp

1. Place the cardstock in the funnel tray.

2. Rub Embossing Buddy over the cardstock.

3. Take your Stamp and stamp it on the VersaMark Pad.

4. Pour Embossing Powder over your image.

5. Shake off the excess in the tray, then pour it back into the jar.

6. Heat the powdered image until the powder melts and is shiny.

7. You now have an Embossed image that you can add to your project.

Tricks to remember Inks: by MyraB

Dye = "D" for dye means it Dries fast (probably not good for embossing because will dry before you can get the powder on it)

Pigment = "P" for needs Powder (takes longer to dry and best for embossing) Embossing pads = made specifically for embossing or watermarking. They are usually clear, sticky and will leave a watermark if you don't put embossing on it (See Ms_Dee's card she did both watermarks and embossing)

Embossing Buddy: it is corn starch and what it does is prevents static electricity from spreading the embossing powder to places on your card beyond where the ink is. You want to use it to keep from having embossed specks of powder in random places on your card/layout. Embossing works on other surfaces as long as the surface can take intense heat. The heating gun gets REALLY hot. Don't use a hair dryer -- it doesn't get hot enough and all it will do is blow the powder EVERYWHERE.

Best type of ink and powder: I prefer VersaFine and VersaMark for my stamping and for my embossing. VersaFine works really well on stamps that have a lot of detail. I also prefer super fine embossing powder by Ranger. It melts really fast and looks really smooth. Cheaper brands (like Joann's) doesn't melt fast enough and has lumps in it (you have to stop melting at some point or the paper burns).

One last thing. I have the funnel tray but don't like using it. The static electricity makes the powder stick to it if you don't rub it with the embossing buddy first. I find it easier to use a scrap piece of paper to catch the extra powder and the powder I tap off. I then fold the paper "funnel like" and poor the powder back into the container. It's easier and quicker than my tray. One cool thing for those of you who like to doodle or like your own handwriting. VersaMark makes a pen that you can use to write with in embossing ink. You then add the powder and heat and you have your own doodle or handwritten embossed image! Love that.

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