Thursday, July 9, 2009

Announcement : ATC "Sista" Swap

Interested in a Sista Artist Trading Card (ATC) Swap? We are trying to get a group of ladies interested in participating in the swap to provide a little more information about each other. And at the same time, the cards provide a sample of the artistic talent of the creator. ScrapCheryl will host the Swap.

  • The ATC's will contain information about you that you don’t mind sharing.
  • The ATC card size must be at least 2 ¼ inches tall and 3 ½ inches long but no larger than 3 x 5. (I have created several sizes of rolodex cards using my Cricut and Graphically Speaking, so I can send you settings to make your cutting tasks easier if you have that cart.)
  • You must incorporate a small picture of yourself (to put a face with a screen name and artwork, so to speak!), your MB screen name and things you choose to share about yourself. Sometimes including a birth date, email address, even home address results in a nice RAK surprise greeting from participants in ATC swaps.

We will provide other details once we find out if we have enough people to participate.

If you are interested, send an email to the Sistas gmail account-( ) to ATTN: ScrapCheryl. The email should contain your Name, Address, Phone number, email address and preferred Artist Trading Card size. As stated before ....More information will be provided later, once we find out how many people are interested in the swap......


  1. I'm interested - but I can't fiugre out how to email you ...

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  3. Attn: ScrapCheryl, I think...

  4. thanks ladies-should be fun since I've never done this before-sent my info in...

  5. Hi Sistas! So far, I have info for:

    If I am missing anyone else, please email your info to I don't want to leave ANYONE who wants to participate out of the fun!

  6. And...I have one more for you Cheryl......well a possible one...She has questions...I'll send the info to you and you can answer her questions....

  7. I just sent you Treva's email....I am also moving this to the top.....

  8. I am sending an email as well. If i may still join.

  9. ******We have 10 folks signed up and I think this is GREAT to start our first ATC Swap. As soon as I get Shonna's info, this go round will be closed.

    1) Cheryl
    2) Ms_Dee
    3) Myra
    4) Veronica
    5) Faye
    6) Kenyatta
    7) Kate B
    8) Treva
    9) Keisha
    10) Shonna**** I do NOT have contact information from you!